About Us

  Oak Realty of Chicago, Inc. was founded in 1981 by John Bielecki.  Our company goal has always been to provide honest, competent and exceptional service to our customers and clients.  We pride ourselves on not only “doing things the right way”, but also by being relevant in the real estate business.

  Our longevity ties in with our logo, that of an oak tree.  And, our mission from the onset has been long term steady growth.

 John Bielecki, President and Managing Broker

   John has amassed quite a variety of experience during the 30 plus years he has been in the real estate business.  Starting off in traditional sales fashion, listing and selling homes,  John progressed into buying distressed properties and rehabbing them.  From the mid-1980’s until the mid-1990’s, John rehabbed and resold approximately 100 units.  John also used his construction business background to build a handful of new construction homes in the southwest suburbs.

  During the mid to late 1990’s an opportunity presented itself in the commercial and land arenas where he sold a 730 unit apartment complex as well as over $100 million in raw land sales and many other commercial projects.  As the great recession hit, and land sales came to an abrupt halt, John returns to the rehab business, finding foreclosed properties for clients and facilitating the retail sales of the finished product.